Daily Life-I, 17''x19'' Leather colour on Crome Leather,year 2012.

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Comment by ANIRBAN SETH on April 22, 2016 at 12:09pm

“A conscientious artist who wishes to highlight and address issues relevant to

our times through his art, Anirban Sheth also comes across as a man of exceptional

 creative talent. Continuous experimentation with the medium of art has led him to

 master the art of Painting on ‘Leather’ and ‘Vellum’, a surface demanding a

high degree of expertise end technical perfection for colours to be applied and

remain clearly visible.. Done by tanning raw hide and then painting on it, Seth

uses the tips of his fingers as a brush, smearing colour on leather to create images

from life aid nature, spirituality and rationality. Often embellishing his art with

gold and silver foil, he generates startling visual effects, portraying natural beauty

 and emotional experiences with equal ease. Seth’s innovations on texture also

include batik work and stenciling for embossing and relief effects, creating a

unique pictorial language. His works is a splendid tribute to this painstaking yet

immensely pleasing mode of expression in which he excels.”

‘The Telegraph’[27th May, 2005] 

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